NV Ferrone Family Winery Sangiovese 750 mL

NV Ferrone Family Winery Sangiovese 750 mL

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Settled in 1849, the town of Jessup was named after Judge William Jessup. It was presented to the Luzerne County Court for incorporation as the Borough of Winton in December 1876. Two years later, Lackawanna County was incorporated. The early 1890s were very significant for the little town, as numerous new mining operations were opened. Shortly after these were opened, immigrants from Europe were lured to the area by the work available in the booming anthracite coal fields. It was mostly Italian immigrants that came to Jessup in search of jobs in the coal mines, among others. They arrived via Ellis Island, New York in the late 1800s. The Italians who settled in Jessup, and the immediate surrounding communities, came mostly from small towns in the Region of Umbria, Province of Perugia. Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, Scheggia, and Sassoferrato, for example, sent many hard working individuals to the Lackawanna Valley for economic opportunity. It was from Gubbio, Italy that the immigrants brought the annual festival known as Saint Ubaldo Day. This festival is still held to this day in only Jessup and Gubbio. Jessup also has a annually wine tasting compition, held in mid May, local home wine makers meet every year to let the public sample the homemade wine. We moved the operation to Peckville, Pa in a store front location, 505 Main Street, Peckville, Pa. 18452 and opened 2 other store fronts one in Scranton, Pa. at 400 Spruce Street, and now producing our wines in a Warehouse near Whites Crossing, Pa. We offer 28+ wine choices, Free custom labeling, Wine-making classes, Gift Baskets, Wine Tastings, Beer & Wine Supplies.


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